At JS Tigers, we primarily use JavaScript to solve our client’s problems.

Why JavaScript?

Javascript may be called de facto language of the web. Almost all the mainstream web browsers support JavaScript. According to, JavaScript is used as client-side programming language by 97.8% of all the websites.

Using JavaScript we can create and run exciting solutions without the need to download or setup complicated environments.  Although primarily developed to add interactivity to web pages, JavaScript is no longer limited to that. It is now a popular platform for developing – mobile applications, games, server applications, Internet of Things, AI and ML and many more.

We have created automated workflows, user interfaces, chrome extension, server apps and other solutions using JavaScript. We have implemented solutions for our clients using frontend JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular and backend JavaScript platforms such as Node.js. We have also implemented end to end solutions for our clients on Google Workspace using  JavaScript on Google Cloud, also known as Google Apps Script.

Our Services


Customer Success

“The technology they’ve developed helps us stay ahead of the competition.”
“We have a long term working relationship due to their reliability and professionalism.”
“JS tigers were very forthcoming in ensuring the quality of their deliverables were on the mark and would go to.extents to keep it that way.”
“…The staff is very knowledgeable …  I truly view them as strategic partners and look forward to working with them again in the future.”
“Your team is doing amazing work. Glad to associate with JST.”
Ramana Murthy Reddicharla, Founder, Syrow
“… wonderful to work with.”
“Rakesh did an amazing job. He went above and beyond and took care of everything for our solution to get validated by Google. Would def. hire him again”
Assem Chammah, SnikPic

Our Mission

To solve our client's problems by leveraging best available technologies.

Our Vision

Create new technologies to serve humanity.