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Web apps are one of the most important tools for today's businesses to employ for marketing and customer support since they give a safe platform for clients to ask about services and contact business owners. By creating a web application in this way, a variety of problems are resolved for both users and data/business owners.  Here are 5 problems that can be solved using web development: 1....

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Requirement: Youtube channel Youtube stream key Node   Steps to get youtube stream key   1) Go to youtube and click on Go Live as shown in the image below:   2) Copy the stream key. We need to use this in our project.   Steps to create a node project.   1) Create a folder and open it in terminal. Run the following commands. npm init npm install --save @ffmpeg-installer/ffmpeg 2) Open the code in an editor. Create a file...

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How to connect to Google Drive API with a Node.js application Google Drive API allows you to read, write and sync files in Google Drive using your application. You can download and upload files, as well as search files and folders stored in Google Drive. You need to have the following, before getting started: Google account Node.js installed Create a new folder for your project and run ‘npm-init’. Once done,...

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