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Introducing Gifty!

Introducing Gifty!

Gifts are a great method to make a child happy and joyful. Toys are given to a child as a gift on events like their birthday, a holiday, when they travel, when they are happy, or when they need to stop crying, among other things. A youngster does, in fact, identify with the figure depicted in the present; for instance, girls prefer Barbies and boys love Naruto and Marvel heroes.

From the parents’ and gifters’ perspective, purchasing a gift is a significant task, and they now prefer to do so by shopping online. Today, there are multiple online marketplaces that offer thousands of toy options. It’s like a showroom the size of a city, and it takes parents a long time to select, and it’s funny that they can’t ask a toddler to pick up a toy.

In order to help parents buy popular items for their children, we at JS Tigers have developed a small tool called “Gifty.” This web app displays toys and gifts from Amazon, Walmart, and Target for US based customers for now. The gifts can be sorted by average customer ratings across these retailers and also by what is trending on google.

Search Gifts 

Search for gifts by keyword, age and gender 

For parents looking for gifts on gifty, they can start with a basic search on the platform based on the keyword, age, and gender of the child.

Assume a 5-year-old boy likes cars; in the search field, type the basic cars keyword.

The features and usage for Gifty are listed below.

Screenshot 1: Search by keyword, gender and age


Budget and delivery

The toy’s budget would be the next consideration. The budget for presents goes from $0 to $500 as can be seen in the screenshot below. Let’s use a $100 maximum spending limit.

Screenshot 2: Budget and delivery filter

The option for delivery timeframe is presented here. Some people are early birds who plan everything in  advance and simply pay and obtain what they want without giving a specific thought on delivery time. Some  people are rushing to obtain the gifts because the birthday party is tomorrow and they need one-day delivery, so they make the appropriate purchases.

In this regard, the delivery selection is helpful because it allows the gift givers’ to purchase the toy according to their timeframe.

Here we are taking any as an option for the delivery timeline.

Categories, brands and characters

The filters include toy categories, characters and brands extracted from product titles using OpenAI’s trained model(text-davinci-003) . It provides users with an option to further narrow down the search.

By considering the product titles, it provides dynamic filters based on the user’s search.

The result is further refined in the screenshot below by choosing the category for RC cars.

Screenshot 3: RC Cars

We can also use brands as one of the filters that might help to refine a search. Typically, customers prefer popular brands like Lego, Hot Wheels, and other well-known toy manufacturers. Here we will use Lego as an example.


Screenshot 4: Lego cars

The user can also filter by toy character; in the example below, let’s say we’re looking for Batman in toy cars.

Screenshot 5: Batman car

User can sort results by trends, rating and prices.

Screenshot 6: Results sorting

So there you have it—a little introduction to Gifty

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