Gifts are a great method to make a child happy and joyful. They become upbeat and excited about things in life when they are given toys. It is presented to children on all significant occasions throughout their lives, including birthdays, festivals, trips, happy or sad times, and many more. A youngster does, in fact, identify with the figure depicted in the present; for instance, girls prefer Barbies and boys love Naruto and Marvel heroes.

From the parents’ and gifters’ perspective, purchasing a gift is a significant task in and of itself, and they now prefer to do so by shopping online. There are many players today in the online market, offering children thousands of different toy options. Like a showroom the size of a city all in one It takes them a long time to decide, and it’s funny that they can’t ask a toddler to make the decision. 

In order to help parents buy popular items for their children, we at JS Tigers have developed a small tool called “Gifty.” This app will display toys and gifts from Amazon, Walmart, and Target for US based customers for now. The gifts can be sorted by average customer ratings across these retailers and also by what is trending on google and twitter


The features and usage for Gifty are listed below.

Search Gifts 

  • Search for gifts by age and gender 

You can search for gifts for your kids and their friends by age and gender.

Screenshot 1: Age Selector.



  • Budget 

Gift-givers can choose and purchase the best gift that fits their budget by keeping their budget in mind and viewing it on the screen. The screenshot below shows the budget ranges from $0 to $500 for gifts.

Screenshot 2: Budget filter.


  • Delivery 

The option for delivery timeframe is presented here. Some people are early birds who plan everything in advance and simply pay and obtain what they want without giving a specific thought on delivery time. Some people are rushing to obtain the gifts because the birthday party is tomorrow and they need one-day delivery, so they make the appropriate purchases.

In this regard, the delivery selection is helpful because it allows the gift giver to purchase the toy according to their timeframe.

Screenshot 3: Delivery filter.



The gift giver has four different options for sorting gifts here based on trends, user reviews, and cost.

You can sort on basis of:


  • Most Trending- Based on Google and Twitter trends, the top search results will show the most trending gifts.
  • Highly Rated-  Based on the general customer reviews for a given item, a gift is given a high rating.
  • Price-high to low
  • Price-low to high

Screenshot 4: Sorter.


So there you have it—a little introduction to Gifty. Check it out and make some incredible purchases!