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Top 5 reasons to use Google Spreadsheets for your business!

Top 5 reasons to use Google Spreadsheets for your business!

1. Advantages of using the cloud-based tool

As Google Spreadsheets (Sheets) are cloud-based, it can automatically save our work as soon as we type the matter in the Sheets. Thus even though a power failure or system failure happens, our work will be safe in the cloud.

2. Team collaboration and information sharing

Sheets make it simple for teams to collaborate, whether you’re organising an event or sharing the most recent income statistics. You can quickly add collaborators to projects, keep track of changes as they happen, get alerts for changes that take place while you’re away, and collaborate with coworkers in the same document. As you make adjustments, they are all automatically stored. Additionally, you may create, view, and edit files anytime and anywhere you like with offline access.

3. Compatibility with multiple data sources

You can analyse, visualize, and get insights from your data using all the tools available in Sheets. You can handle data in CSV, Excel, or any other file format from a variety of sources using additional APIs and connection tools. Additionally, you can analyse billions of rows of BigQuery data in Sheets without any SQL expertise by using connected sheets.

4. Smart fill and recommendations

You can analyse more quickly and with fewer mistakes with the assistance of features like Smart Fill and formula recommendations. And ask questions about your data in straightforward terms to gain insights quickly. In transit and at rest, all files generated in Sheets or uploaded to Google Drive are encrypted. Advanced malware defenses are just one of the security tools employed to protect your data. 

5. AI-Powered 

To make working with massive data sets in spreadsheets easier for users, Google is introducing new machine learning and AI technologies to its Spreadsheets app. Making pivot tables is one of the important changes. It can be difficult to create one, but the robust data analysis tool is used to extract insights from vast, intricate data sets. With the use of AI, Sheets will now recommend a pivot table based on a straightforward natural language query. Additionally, when users create pivot tables from scratch, Sheets will now recommend pertinent tables and then automatically offer formulae tailored to the data.

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