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Top 10 announcements for G Suite in Cloud Next ’19 Conference

Top 10 announcements for G Suite in Cloud Next ’19 Conference

G Suite is a portfolio of productivity applications with over 1.5 billion active users. Over 5 million businesses use G Suite. Here are the top 10 announcements for new features for G Suite in Cloud Next ’19 conference in San Francisco, Apr 9-11, 2019.

  1. You can now add meta data to content in Google Drive and also have ability for document approvals.
  2. Integrated digital assistants in Google Calendar and Google Meetings. Users can ask questions like, when and where is my first meeting and with whom? In Google Meetings automatic live captioning just by click of a button.
  3. Add-on framework for all of G Suite. You will be able to open the side panel with third party apps across G Suite.
  4. Drive mobile app now have a priority page which allows you to really focus on files that need your attention.
  5. Power of Google search in to enterprise through Cloud search. This allows you to index third party data sources such as SAP or Salesforce to bring power of Google search to every user in your organization.
  6. Natural language queries with “Explore” feature in Google Sheets. For example you may ask what is the average revenue per region and Explore feature will identify the formula to construct that data and it will help you with charts and pivot tables constructing those automatically.
  7. Connect Sheet platform provides ability to connect BigQuery platform with Google Sheets. This allows very very big data sets in Google Sheets, up to 10 billion rows of data. With a few clicks you can connect to BigQuery, pull in the data and then your users can use Sheets to access, analyze and get insights in the data.
  8. A new cloud telephony solution – voice. Make and receive calls on any device. Voice mail transcription technology and use of AI to block spam calls.
  9. Google plus for enterprise to be known as Currents.
  10. Work directly on Office files with Office editing, no conversion required. For example, open a MS Office Word doc in Google, edit and save it back in native Word format without ever leaving Google Docs.

Not all of these features may be available in G Suite Basic or Business versions.

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