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Google App Scripts for increased productivity

Google App Scripts for increased productivity

Are you using Google productivity tools (G Suite) for your business?

Do you spend lot of time manually solving problems similar to these

  • Sending customized emails to multiple people
  • Using Google Forms to collect data in spreadsheets and integrate with standard CRM or Accounting software
  • Managing your business work flow – while still using Gmail, Docs, Forms and Spreadsheets
  • Integrating Google Maps into your form’s search
  • Integrating Google Calendar to schedule and manage events

Then customizing Google Apps scripts is your solution. Google Apps script is Google’s version of JavaScript on cloud. Google Apps Script can be used to

  • Integrate Google Spreadsheets with third party APIs to fetch and push data.
  • Publish Scripts on web, and published URL can be shared with third party apps and website as webhook to receive data via http POST.
  • Keep multiple Spreadsheets data synchronized. Changed value in one Spreadsheet should reflect in other related Spreadsheets.
  • Send Google Docs/Spreadsheets for printing automatically to cloud (connected) printer.
  • Create web pages in Google sites using templates in Google Sites and data in Google Spreadsheet.
  • Automatically create events in user’s Google Calendar.
  • Automatically create formatted Google Docs and Spreadsheets based on template.
  • Add labels to Gmail messages. Scan Gmail messages and process attachments.
  • Send email with data submitted in Google Form.

and many other use cases.

The biggest power of Google App Scripts lies in not only automating the day to day tasks that we perform with Google’s G Suite Apps but also its ability to integrate with other industry standard solutions like CRMs.

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