G Suite Apps Customization

G Suite Apps are a collection of business tools provided by Google. These include Gmail, Calendar, Spreadsheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, Drive, Sites and many others. We can use Google Apps Script to write custom functionality on top of these applications.

Here are the examples of problems we have solved using Google Apps Script:

  1. Adding custom business logic.
  2. Third party API Integration (Trello, Ocean Insights, PayPal, Google Drive, Xero Accounting API and many others) with Google Spreadsheets.
  3. Work flow automation using Google Apps (Spreadsheets, Sites, Cloud Printer, Drive) & third party apps.

Study Planner Script

Xero API integration with Google Spreadsheets

Trello API Integration with Google Spreadsheet

LinkedIn API integration with Google Spreadsheets

Ocean Insights API Integration

Workflow automation using SolveCRM, Google Apps and Xero